Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Power of $27...

For the most part we created the OSFL Blog so that our patrons can read more about the artistic elements of our programming. As Executive Director I happily leave the artistic aspects to Toshi and contently focus on the administrative needs of all of CEMA's many programs. To me donations have a huge impact on what is artistically possible for our organization and, like all of you, I am excited to see what our new Music Director and Conductor will be able to bring to our stage. And we want to give him the stage as often as possible....

What is needed to gain our fifth concert back...

Often we think if we can only give a little are we really making a difference?" YES. Every gift is important. And often we forget the importance of how small gifts or just a little extra can really add up...

For Example, if everyone on our email list donated an extra $27, or an extra $2.50 a month, or an extra $1 every other week we could afford five concerts next season. If every season subscriber sent us an extra $1 every week we could add back our fifth concert. If every season subscriber brought 2 friends to an OSFL concert just once this season we could afford another concert.

I don't like to ask people to do things that I can not do. These things I could make work. I tell myself at least once a week I don't need that candy bar or cookie ($1). Think of the power of all those dollars added together.

Think of the power of loose change. Did you know that in the Unites States it is estimated that there is over $5 million dollars in loose change laying on the streets or stuffed in our couch cushions?

A friend of mine donates $50 every month to a charity. Each month she sits down and thinks about where her money could best help someone. Sometimes she gives to the same organization several times a year; sometime she gives to different organizations each month. If you can not afford $50, which I know is sometimes a stretch on my non-profit salary, could you afford $25? I could justify not eating out for lunch 3 times a month to help make a difference somewhere. And why not make a pledge and pay small amounts each month? If you felt dedicated to one organization (and I of course hope it is OSFL) and you donated $25 a month you could be a $300 donor in one year. $50 a month would show support at $600. Even $10 a month would have you at $120. Those amounts that seem small to each of us when we start can really add up to make a huge difference.

And again, if we each did it without any major notice to our pocket books our community could have the benefit of another OSFL concert.

JOIN the Movement! What does "JOIN the Movement" really mean? It is about being a part of something great. It is about taking action in an organization you believe in and cherish. It is about spreading the word and continuing to show your support. It is about knowing you are valued and an active participant, not just a passive listener.

Non-profit organizations exist not just because of financial support but also because of hard work and committed, active donors and patrons. Your involvement is what makes our organization special and possible. It is why we were able to attract an internationally renowned conductor, why we have so many committed musicians, how we can help so many students to play in their first orchestra, give so many educational experiences to the residents of our area, why so many people attend our concerts... You can help us not only by making a donation yourself but by telling your friends about our valued organization and encouraging them to become involved.

Your generosity helps deliver powerful and vibrant Orchestra programs and ensures an enduring tradition of artistic excellence on stage and off in our community.

We recognize and appreciate the many contributions made to The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes each year.

Please feel free to contact The Orchestra Office at (607) 936-2873 or if you have questions about donations for The Orchestra, Youth Orchestra, Junior String Ensemble, Chorus, Musicians' Choice, or any of our other special programs.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Audrey J. Szychulski
Executive Director

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