Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Elements of Style at Galusha Gardens

Every year the Orchestra chooses a distinctive area home for the first- and we like to think- the best party of the season.

This year's party has it all: First there's the antique main house, brimming with charm and antiques. It's surrounded by the Galusha's justly famous gardens; more than five acres of lawns, flower beds, pond, tennis courts- the works. Brigid writes a weekly column called Garden Paths. Now you can see those paths that inspire her. Both Brigid and Neal team up to design, plant, and maintain the picturesque property.

The house started life in the early 1800's. A retired barge captain, who plied the nearby Chemung Canal between Watkins Glen and Elmira, bought the house and property in 1875 and enlarged the house, creating an Italianate country villa with impressive craftmanship throughout.

Everywhere You Look You'll Find Treasures
Original glass panels on the front door are etched and cut. The interior woodwork is all chestnut or black walnut with baseboards a foot high. In one room, the larger Langdon fireplace faces an impressive built-in china cabinet.

The Galushas have furnished this rambling home with 19th century family portraits, a period highboy, an heirloom petit point picture- even carved teak curtain rods, also from the Langdon house. A large up-to-date kitchen blends seamlessly into this venerable home.
A large deck, built around a large locust tree, overlooks the gardens, and is accsessible from the major ground floor rooms.

This is a property that's made for a party, and the Galushas offer all of us the warmest of welcomes.

Join your friends and come see this remarkable place!

For more information go to http://www.osfl.org/special-events.html.

~Neal O'Donnell


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